Oh My! Cucumber Pasta!

Hey you guys!!

I made the best pasta ever.  OK, so that may be a bit of a bold statement, but I figure if you are going to make statements, you may as well make them bold.  Boldly.  People trust people who say things with confidence. ;)

So, we start with our mise en place – having everything in place.  I find that when my life is organized, I am happy.

All the things

All the things

We have our cucumber pasta:

If you do not already have one of these, you should change that about yourself

If you do not already have one of these, you should change that about yourself

I just slice 3 cucumbers on my Spirooli Slicer.

Then, for the dressing:

I used

1 knob of ginger

1 TBSP Barley Miso (chickpea would be best, but I do not have any right now)

2 scallions

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

2 dates, or 1 TBSP coconut sugar

2 TBSP chopped fresh cilantro

1/4 TBSP Chilli flakes – *optional*

Grate your ginger on a micro-plane.

Just the ging-o, not your fing-o

Just the ging-o, not your fing-o




Chop your onion and cilantro.

Combine all ingredients with a fork until well combined.

It is like, liquid yum

It is like, liquid yum

Pour over your noodles, and toss with your hands.

It is dinner

It is dinner


Have you ever had cucumber pasta?


Dinner, Dinner, Dinner

Hey Guys!  Guess what!  It is time for me to share the dinners I have been enjoying lately with you!  Get ready to feast your eyes upon some real feasts :)

Watermelon and papaya make my digestion sing!

Watermelon and papaya make my digestion sing!

I know it may seem super weird to eat watermelon in March, but to me, it should be summer all year round.  Even if the weather does not agree with me, I make believe that it is summer with my food.

If you are going to have a smoothie, have a smoothie.

If you are going to have a smoothie, have a smoothie.

This is how the fruit bat does smoothies.  This one was strawberries, blueberries and mango with a little vanilla extract added in.  I find that the vanilla gives it a little something special.  I also added in cut up strawberries, because I still like to have something to chew.  I ate it will a spoon :)

Dems eye balls are my faves

Dems eye balls are my faves

I actually did not eat very many longans whilst I was in Thailand (where they are grown) because I was to distracted by the rambutan.  However, now that I am home, I have returned to my love of longans.  Also my melons promote peace, which I am totally on board with.



This plate included a yellow dragon fruit.  If you have never had a yellow dragon fruit before, I can tell you this, they are astounding.  That is right.  Astounding.  I love their taste, and their crunchy little seeds.  It is almost like eating a cross between a dragon fruit and a passion fruit.  Amazing.

Fruit Salad!  Yummy Yummy!

Fruit Salad! Yummy Yummy!

This fruit salad was a mix of strawberries, blueberries and pineapple.  I also added my secret ingredient, vanilla!  I let the salad sit for about 30 minutes as well.  This made all the fruity flavours meld together, and it created a thick syrup out of their juices.  It.was.om.nom.  Try adding vanilla to your fruit salads, you will be amazed!

Yup.  This is how much papaya you need.

Yup. This is how much papaya you need.

I seriously am having a relationship with papayas.  I love them.  They love me.  We are happy together.

I hope that you enjoyed a little peak into the fruit porno that is my daily life :)

One final note to leave you with, because I run this blog and I can leave a final note if I want too:

Are you moving away from what you do not want, or are you moving towards something that you do want? I feel that these two things may sound the same, but in fact are quite different.

Are you moving away from ill health, or towards good health? Are you moving away from having to little money, or towards financial abundance?

This is an abundant universe, or this is a universe of scarcity. Which you live in is fully up to you, and fully dictated by your intentions.

I would like to challenge you to consciously choose to move towards abundance, as opposed to moving away from scarcity. Make the effort to know what you do want, instead of just turning away from what you do not. You may be surprised how life shifts for you ♥

Move towards the life you want, because this is a place of abundance baby!


Some Things I have Been Thinking

Hey people!!

I have been thinking lately, I have not told you much about what goes on in my life outside of food.  So I am going to change that now :)

I can tell you that I really really love yoga:

I just really want to join the circus.

I just really want to join the circus.

I feel that for me, yoga is what my body likes the most.  When I do heavier workouts, they always seem to make my body unhappy.  With yoga I seem to relax in life more, and my body sleeps better, releases excess water, and just generally feels better.  So after years of trial and error with fitness, I have found a nice groove with yoga.

:) Symbols for healing

:) Symbols for healing

I am studying reiki at the moment.  Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art, which focuses on channelling healing energies through the body to help heal others.  This can be anything from physical to spiritual healing.  It is beautiful, and I love feeling connected to a bigger energy than myself through it.

My Baby Sister saved my life.  She is an artist, and she is amazing.  When I was ill with anorexia, she was the one that helped to pull me from the pit.  To this day, she is still the only one who really knows what happened, and who really “saw me” through my illness.  I will be forever grateful to her for being.

Yes, she is actually this pretty.

Yes, she is actually this pretty.

I have the best boyfriend in the world.  We met when we were in 8th grade.  I loved him, and he loved my best friend.  We spent 5 years apart, and then were re-united over face book!  Ridiculous.  We had one coffee, and ended up hanging out every day for a month solid. Long story short, he has been my prince for 2.5 years.  My main message when it comes to love is always wait for the one you want :)

I am clearly not attractive enough to hang out with either of them.  Shhh, don't tell them.

I am clearly not attractive enough to hang out with either of them. Shhh, don’t tell them.

I am feeling really wonder lusty.  I want to go back to Thailand.

I love love love this place

I love love love this place

I see myself developing and working as a Spiritual Guide when I grow up.  That is what I really want to do.  I have my nutrition training, yoga training, life coach training and now my Reiki training.  I believe I will spend the rest of my life learning, and all I really want is to pass on what I have learned to others.  I feel that the whole purpose of life is to make others feel loved, whole and complete, and that I what I want to do with my time.  Most of us desire to be seen, and I desire to see :)

Also, this is what I had for dinner:



So there you have it.  A little more about the bat.


Some Fruit Porn

Hey Guys!!


It has been WAY to long since I posted a fruit porn post.

Let us put an end to the lack of posts, no?

I have been eating some amazing fruit as of late.

Little guys!

Little guys!


These are not dried fish.  I promise.  Those are dried longans!  I actually discovered them whilst we were in Thailand, and now I cannot get enough.  They are sweet, chewy and a little crunchy.  Basically perfect candy.  I can eat a million.  I do sometimes eat a million.


I cannot believe the red

I cannot believe the red


There has been loads of water melon around here lately too.  My body may be out of touch with the seasons on my continent, but it is summer some where right?  Again, I blame Thailand for this one.  I got all addicted to watermelon whilst I was there and now I cannot stop.  The only difference is that in Thailand the watermelon has seeds!

Its geometric.  Seriously.

Its geometric. Seriously.

Persimmon season is still happening around here, and I have been taking advantage.  They.are.so.sweet.  Also, look at those big round things!  Those are passion fruit!  I love their crunchy little seeds :)

I cannot get enough guava

I cannot get enough guava

Papaya and strawberry guavas have also been main stars as of late.  I love the crunchy seeds of the guavas.  My Baby Sister and My Love think papaya smells like poo.  I think it tastes like heaven.  So,  Impasse.

Hairy, Juicy.

Hairy, Juicy.

Ok, My Love and I were in China town the other day, and we saw a post for Rambutans (the fruit pictured above) and it said “Juicy, Hairy…” Umm.  Yeah.  They are really tasty though.  Like a cross between a longan and a lychee.

Seriously.  Is it summer yet?

Seriously. Is it summer yet?

Again, totally out of season, but it looks so beautiful does it not?  Those strawberries were little pockets of sunshine, and those papayas were amazing.  So I am not sorry.

Little lizard eyes

Little lizard eyes

The fresh longans have been amazing as of late as well.  I think that they are nicer than lychee.


I was under-whelmed.

I was under-whelmed.

I felt that you all just needed to see this.  This is what I am like.  So now you know.

Aww, chemmon, that is adorable.

Aww, chemmon, that is adorable.

Last, the Gailia melons.  They are very much like honeydews, syrupy sweet and totally amazing.


What have you guys been eating lately?








The Birthday Bat!

Hey You guys!!
I just purchased some extra picture space!  Yay!  That means I can blog again!!

I stopped posting on the regular because I ran out of picture space.  I was going back and deleting old pictures, and that was getting so un fun.  Then we went to Thailand, and then work was crazy busy.  Yes.  Excuses.  Anyway, I am back now, with lots of space, lots of pictures, lots of stories and lots of FRUIT!!  Also, I have super missed you guys!  I realized over these last months how much I love writing.  How much I love creating a community where people can come and just ask questions and generally be together.  I love being the fruit bat, so I will keep being the fruit bat :)

Last week it was my 24th birthday.  Cue the existential crisis.  Yes.  I am one of those people that freaks out about my birthday.  No on is perfect, right?

The day started off innocently enough, just as it always does.  With my version of hot yoga:


No, that is not a joke.  I really do practise yoga with a space heater.  It is cold up in herrrr OK?

Then It was time for my morning tea and lemon water, which had been significantly brightened at the hand of Baby Sister:

Garsh :)

Garsh :)

Down to the last detail:


After feeling all bubbly and warm inside, I enjoyed my drinks:

Glug Glug

Glug Glug

At my Mega Desk:

DSC_0455Yes.  I do need both computers.  Really.  I do.  Also I want you to take note of the Thai chairs.  My Love and I brought those back unstuffed from Thailand, and spent our Christmas Vacation stuffing and sewing them.  Because we are 1000 years old.  That is why.

After work I went to go meet a little Lady called Primrose, the new daughter of my friend Vanya.  She is just the most perfect little party animal.  I was so pleased to be able to spend part of my day with the two of them <3

After all the baby hullabaloo, I found two cool stores on my way home.  I know.  I do not shop and that was  a weird sentance for me.  But hear me out.  The first place was a cupcake shop that sells vegan and gluten free cupcakes in all the flavours a person can dream up.  My Love and I have decided that if we ever get engagematized (engaged to normal people) we will have a party with all their cupcakes.  We found them online a while ago, but this was the fist time I had seen the shop in person!  So being that is was my birthday and all, I bought one for My Love to try.  Because that is what you do, get a cupcake for someone else on your birthday, right?  It was a lemon icing with chocolate cup cake.  He said it was moist and delicious. (Sorry Baby sister, moist was just the most descriptive word… and I am sorry that now I have said it twice)



Then even close to home I walked by this natural foods store that is always closed when I walk by.  But on this day, it was open!  It was really cool, they had local fruit, and lots of other neat locally made foods.  I got some vegan kim chi to try, mostly because of the jar:

One can never have enough glass jars, right?

One can never have enough glass jars, right?

And some coconut vinegar, because I had never had it before and it seemed neat-o

Cool!  Coconut!

Cool! Coconut!

For the record, I am totally allergic to coconut.  This made me feel ill, but it was good if you are not allergic!

For the birthday festivities of the night, we decided to go out for Thai food.  Ever since we got home from Thailand, I have been caving papaya salad like it is my job.  I ate papaya salad (fish sauce free, don’t worry everyone) every day.  We found a place by our home called 24/7 Thai, which is close, cheap and tasty.  Those are basically our only requirements.


Baby Sister and I got the most beloved Papaya salads!!


For those of you who are not privy to the gloriousness that is papaya salad, basically it is unripe papaya, carrot, tomato and green beans dressed in crushed garlic, chili, lime juice, palm sugar and sometimes fish sauce.  I always just ask for no fish sauce, because you know, eew, gross.  Fish sauce.

When we had gorged ourselves to happiness, we came home for Birthday presents:

You know you are old when you don't "stuff" for your bday.  Just papers

You know you are old when you don’t “stuff” for your bday. Just papers

I opened my cards and was grateful for everything :)  My Love made me a mix, and My Baby Sister drew my an amazing drawing of our alter egos, as well as gifting me with a Whole Foods Gift card.  So I should be able to get half an item. Hardy Har har.

After that, it was time to get crunk on the partay drinks:

I looks crunk, no?

I looks crunk, no?

So I did not really get crunk.  That was water, lime juice and goji berries.  It is the Crunk thought that counts, no?

For the grand finally, My Baby Sister made me an amazing birthday plate:

Aww, you guys.  I think she lobes me.

Aww, you guys. I think she lobes me.

Look, look:

Who would even want cake?  Not me.

Who would even want cake? Not me.

We ended the night doing my most favourite thing in the world.  Being together <3  Aww.

Even though I do not love birthdays, getting old, and all the fun things my mind does on this day every year, my dearest loves treated my so right, and for that, I am so grateful.


The Ego Free Body

What would it be like to live in a body, that held no baring on your ideas of self worth, self importance, or Self in general?

What if you could allow your body to be as it is, to see it as a gift, as a much needed important part of this life you are living, without the idea that it somehow is a reflection of your value?

What if you could never again look at your body with judgement?  You could not call it good, you could not call it bad.  You just saw it as it was, had peace and moved on?

There are a lot of posts floating around out there right now centring around self love, body love, “fit is the new skinny”, woman should love their curves and so on.  We are being told that these are messages of self empowerment, of female empowerment, and perhaps they are.  Perhaps they are just what some people need to begin to take the pressure off of themselves, off of their bodies, and to move in the direction of self acceptance.

I may be the only one, but to me, these messages are really just the same messages that we have been being fed for decades, just dressed up a a little differently.  I feel that these posts still put out an expectation of how a woman should be, how she should feel about her body, and just changes the ideal body, as opposed to wiping out the notion that there is a particular way to look that every woman (and man) should try to model themselves after.  Many feel badly that they cannot love their bodies, they berate themselves that they struggle with self hate.  They are upset that they are not toned and fit like the images that they see.


The Ego

What if it were possible for us to live without any sort of Ego attachment to our bodies.  If we could live in our bodies and never have the thought that if we did not measure up to some physical ideal of beauty (which is fully objective and changes all the time anyway), that we were then less.  What if we could never again compare our body to the body of someone else, deeming one more attractive, more prized, more beautiful than the other.

It is the Ego that tells us that what is on the outside matters.  The Ego is the one that is looking for approval, looking to be deemed good, looking for reward for being.  The Ego is the one that feels elated when someone tells you that you are beautiful, and the one that is crushed when you are told you are fat.  It is not you.  So what would living Ego free look like?

To me, living in an ego free body means that we would look upon our bodies as the ideal parent would look at their child.  That child is naturally a part of the parent, and at the same time the child is separate.  We would embrace our bodies with the unconditional love that cannot be explained, because we would realize that these bodies are a precious gift, one that we have been blessed with the opportunity to care for, and to learn about.

We would look at our bodies and have curiosity and wonder.  We would sit with our bodies, as a parent would sit with a child, and learn what makes them tick.  We would realize that each body, just like each child, is different.  They all have different ways in which they function, different needs, different rhythms, different cycles.  We would give up the notion that all bodies should act the same, that if you do x and y you will get Z, because just as with children, we know that this is not the case.

We would view our bodies as an important tool for learning, for our progression in this life.  We would realize that we will not be in these bodies forever, that we were given our specific body for a specific reason, and we would know that the more harmoniously we can live within them, the more harmonious our lives will be.

I believe if we could look at our bodies without ego, we would have no other option but to fully and completely love and accept them, just as they are, all the time.  If you had never been told that there was something fundamentally un-attractive, and therefore WRONG with your body, because we all know being unattractive is the biggest sin one can commit, do you think that you would ever have come to that conclusion on your own?  I don’t.

When I look at babies staring at themselves in the mirror, I see that they love what they see.  I have watched small children sit in front of the mirror for hours mumbling to their reflection, acting as though they have found a long lost beloved friend.  Sure you could argue that this is not self love, that the baby does not know it is looking at its own self, and thus means nothing.  But I feel this proves my point even farther.  They have no attachment to the reflection in the mirror.  They have not identified their worth as having anything to do with the image they are seeing, and they are not repulsed.  They LOVE what they see.  Let us keep in mind here that babies, by definition, are fully opposite to an adults ideal of beauty.  They are generally chubby, with big round cheeks, rolls on their legs and arms and big pot bellies.  They have short hair that sticks in all directions.  They drool.  They poop themselves.  They cannot perform any acts of strength or stamina.   Because of their bodies they are fully dependant on their care givers to live.  And yet, love.  If an adult were to be faced with that image, I doubt they would feel so warmly.

How we perceive our bodies is a learned behaviour.  Which is great because that means we can unlearn it.

So pretend with me for a moment that you had never been taught that there was anything wrong with your body.  Pretend that you had never been taught that how you look has an effect on your value.  You are You.  Perfect, whole, unchanging, all knowing, pure, source.  Because, at the end of the day, believe it or not, that IS what you are.  You are not your body.  Your body is a collection of molecules that have come together to create a temple for you to live in whilst you are here.  Human experience is impossible for you without your body.  You need it.  When your time in this life is done, you are going to return all those molecules back to the earth, where they came from, and they are going to go on to become something else.  You are borrowing the molecules of your body, plain and simple.

That being said, you have implanted elements of your essence into the cells, into the molecules that make up your body.  This means that You are able to communicate with them, because they contain little bits of your Spirit.  This is not wishy washy thinking here, this is scientific fact, the brain body connection is real.  Energy, thoughts, words have the power to shift the physical body.

With that knowledge, I feel that it is not a matter of “learning to love and accept your body.”  I don’t know that that will ever work.  I feel the real work here is learning to stop attaching your worth and your value to what you see in the mirror.  It is learning to see that You are You.  Nothing can change Your value, because there is nothing on earth that has given You Your value.  You were born being equally as important as every other being on this planet.  It is your birth right to fully love, accept, and KNOW your Self.  Again, your value was not given, and it cannot be questioned.

Thus, being that the body is of the earth, it cannot strip or add value to You.

Your body is a gift.  If you can realize that it is here to help You, not to hinder You, that it holds messages and keys and lessons within it, You will find a place of peace.  If you can look at it as a partner, You will change how you feel about it, how You treat it, and how it treats You.

When You live in an ego free body, You are highly intuitive.  You receive messages from Your body about your environment, the people around You, even future scenes can come to You kinetically.  You feed Your body with the food it needs, and this is never a question or a debate.  There is never guilt or shame or turmoil here.  You move your body with joy and freedom.  You use Your body to express what is going on in Your soul.  You love with your body, ache with Your body, Your body expresses Your anger, Your sadness, Your peace.  Your body is the interface between you and the rest of the spirits living here.  You interpret dis-ease as a message, not a punishment.  You see that Your body never makes you intentionally unwell, but is instead a reflection of some other imbalance, either within or without.  You will know how to turn in, and how to heal Your Self.

The real challenge here is to let go of the drama, the rewards we get from the dramas of attaching ourselves to our bodies.  We find identity in being ill.  We find comfort and familiarity with always having a weight issue.  I know many will not like to hear this, but there are just stories that we weave for ourselves.  There are deeper truths to be unearthed, but we choose to distract ourselves through the drama of body identification.

So do not love your body.  Love your Self.  Know your Self.  Get to know your body.  In doing so, the love will come, because you are love.  When you know who you are, you will have no other option but to love yourself, and all that comes with you.


I am speaking to my Self, as much as I am speaking to anyone.  Writing is cathartic for me.  If it is for you, feel free to share your thoughts with me.  I would love to hear from your Self.

The Bat is Back

Hi Friends!


Just a quick post here to update you all!


1) I am going to be starting posting again regularly in the middle of December.  Life is awesome and I have lots to share!


2) Come join me on Facebook to see what has been going on!  You can find my page here —> http://www.facebook.com/UrbanFruitBat


3) My Love and I are going to Thailand!  So, when we get back, the posts will start up again.


I love you all, and I cannot wait to connect with you again!  If you want to chat, please, feel free to message me here or on facebook :)

Love love love <3


Hey Guys!

I am back by popular (?) demand!  I have had a few requests for me to start blogging again, and alas, I have succumb to the peer pressure.

And also, no.  I am not linguistically challenged.  I was not trying to spell wait.  WIAT is What I Ate Thursday.  I know the trend is to to What I ate WEDNESDAY, but by the time I had gotten the request for what I had eaten, it was already late Wednesday night.  I suppose, if you must, you can pretend that this is what I ate on Wednesday.

I started my day, as I do with every day, with a work out.  I did some skipping (steady state cardio) and some weight lifting.  Then, I had this;

ImageWater.  Lots and lots of water.  I drink at least 3 litres a day, two of which I put lemon juice in (half a lemon in both)  I drink at least 2 litres before I eat anything.

Next It was this;

ImageThere were about 25 large apricots there.  I am OBSESSED with apricots right now.  They are sweet, soft, and have the best texture ever.  I love them.

I then did some work, did some reading, and it was time for meal #2;

ImageMore apricots.  They are in season, and I really, really like them.  So I ate more :)

Then, I did more work, did my first Reiki lesson (!!), went with My Love to the market.  Then it was time for meal #3

Bananas and 2 large dragon fruit.  I love dragon fruit because I feel that they sooth my digestion.  I ate about 5 cups worth of baby bananas there.  They are so sweet and delicious.  I love them!

For my last meal I turned this;

Into this;

I drink green juice, and eat the pulp every.single.night.  I love it, it has healed my digestion from many things, and it is my most favourite way to get my greens.

Now, for some FAQ;

1) Do I always eat mono meals? – No, I eat them when I can.  This is actually a pretty typical day for me.  I eat some mono meals, and some mixed meals.  Whatever is around, looks good and tastes good.

2) Do I count my calories?  - Yes I do.  I keep track to make sure that I am getting enough.  I aim for a minimum of about 2000 cals a day, more if I am hungry for it.

3) How many times do I eat a day? – I have three fruit meals, one juice a day.

4) Do I ever juice fast/cleanse? –  No.  I like to eat.  Also, my body is not really all that fond of fasting.  I think it reminds my body to much of a famine.

5) Do I not eat any nuts/seeds/over fats? – I do eat overt fats, once a week.  I eat durian 99.999% of the time as my fat source.  This is because I LOVE durian, more than I love avocado or nuts or seeds.  So that is what I eat.

6) Are you 80/10/10?  - Yes.  I have been for about 5 years in total, but doing it properly (ie.eating enough calories) for about 2

7)How long have you been raw? – 7 years, save a six month cooked vegan phase about 5 years ago, which was HORRIBLE.  I got all my stomach aches back (which I used to have all my life before I went raw), I had break outs, was greasy, smelly and just over all un-happy.  100% raw works for me.

8) Do you ever crave cooked foods?  - No.  I make sure to get enough calories from fruit, so I never crave anything else.  I would say that the only things that I ever crave are green juice and durian.

9) Do you work out? – Yes.  I work out every day.  I do high intensity interval training, steady state cardio, weight lifting and yoga.  This way I feel I am covering all my fitness bases.

10) Do you eat other veggies like carrots, beets, celery ect? – From time to time.  If I am out and the only thing on the menu to eat is a salad, I will eat a salad.  I just really prefer to eat fruit.  I feel my best eating this way.

11) Do you take supplements? – Yes.  I take vitamin b12 once a week, and a vitamin K2 every day.  These are the only two nutrients that I feel are not really adequately available in a raw, vegan diet.  So I take them.

Any other questions for me?  Leave them in the comments and I will do my best to get you an answer!


Vancouver Has A China Town!?!?!?!

I’m only kidding.  I knew that Van City had a China Town.


It is actually one of the largest in Canada, after Toronto.

There are a plethora of “medicine” like shops down there,with tonnes of dried scallops and other sea food and fruits,  as well as many sea food shops;

This was called preserved vegetable…

I had to show you this;


Whole Jelly Fish! Eegads

There is one special store however, that has AMAZING fruit from far away lands!;

Spectacular Dragon Fruits;

Grabby Boyfriend

Snake Fruit;

Delicious? Perhaps. Scary? For sure.

This weird stuff;

baby jack fruits!!!! Little uns!

My Love’s most favourite;

We asked how much for the whole Jackfruit, the man said it would be for a party, so yeah, allot.

And the thing that made me almost faint;

Where all my monies will go hence forth

Those, my fruity friends, are fresh durian.  Yes.

After I sniffed and smelled and inspected for a yeah and a half, I picked my durian and we were on our way

We saw these on our way out;

cubic pastry…?


My fresh durian was the best thing of my life;


I <3 chew Van city China Town.  I <3 Chew.

And I <3 Chew too.


Anti-Bad stuff smoothie

Hello and happy hump day to all!

An extra special shout out to my mah, who is celebrating her day of birth today!  She is 27 years young, and looks not a day over 12.  Yes, it is rather scandalous that she birthed me when she was a mear 4 years old, but let us allow bygones to bygone the city, shall we?

Speaking of staying youthful, what you eat can really help or hinder you in the ageing process.  Many foods that are fried, processed and otherwise tampered with can go a long way in making you look tiered, saggy and old.  This is for a myriad of reasons, one of them being that they are full of free radicals.  Free radicals damage cells and cause us to look and feel old.

Fresh fruits and veggies have the exact opposite effect!  They are full of so many wonderfully nourishing things that cause our bodies to look and feel amazing, and function at their peak.




The smoothie I have for you today is an amazing anti-aging elixir.  It is pineapple, which contains bromaline which is an amazing anti-inflammatory compound.  It has mango which can help you to digest your foods, because remember we are what we absorb.  It has mint which is very cooling for the body, as well as lime with its super dose of vitamin C!  You should be bouncing off the walls after this one.

All you need is;

1 large pineapple

2 mango

1 handful of mint leaves

1 lime

Chop your pineapple and mango.  Peel the skin off of the lime with a knife and cut it in half.

Blender. You are to small.


Then all you have to do is stick it all in the blender and wala!  You are donskies!

I even put a garnish.


Do let me know if you try this, and what you think!  I love the combo of mint/pineapple/lime.  It is so refreshing for those hot summer days.  ALSO being that it is in smoothie form, it is super easy on your digestion.  This smoothie should make your whole system feel amazing.